HERD INSTINCT II (Comparing a million dollar job with a 2 million dollar job)

awesome picasso.jpg <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>awesome knox martin 2.jpg

Fig.1: Picasso painting <<<<<<>>>>>>Fig.2: Knox Martin painting

ben 36.jpg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ben 33.jpg
Figs. 3 & 4: Two samples of Great Chinese calligraphy from the Tang Dynasty as reference to the above comparison.

Picasso has come to town! Walker Art Center is
prepared to rake in millions of revenues!

Folks generally agree, Picasso is a great man and he
is not boring like hell, like the postmodern people.
(What kind of hellish boring?
The worst possible in art–the “No talent” kind!)

Nothing can be better than to celebrate a Twin Cities summer
with Picasso hanging in the mouth like a good tattoo,
advertising to others that we are indeed a cultured
breed, with good upbringing!

Picasso is indeed good for civilization, isn’t it?

Folks are getting more and more excited!
Academia is especially fired up.

One woman even reported an ” orgasm” and assured
everyone on Star Tribune that it was the real thing!

Who is her main man now?

She gave a eunuch called
Jaspa Jons… .

A fish in Atlantic has just rolled over!

(Was it just coincidental or fish overheard human conversation
and shamed to death because the goddamned lie was too obvious
and blatant?)

I have nothing against getting close to a Picasso and
taking a good look. Fancy that: Picasso is truly

There have not been too many masters in Picasso’s
caliber in the history of mankind!

I am just saying, try to understand a Picasso better,
or Alpha Art, for that matter, before one leaves the
house.That is how I imagine “money well spent.” We
have to pay Walker to get in, don’t we?

For that reason, I have set up a “million
dollar job” by Picasso alongside a “2 million dollar
job” by Knox Martin.

Let’s now eyeball both works set up side by side.


line quality scores:

Picasso’s m———— Knox Martin’s 2m

Teacher’s comment: Knox Martin’s lines come alive like
black flames.They are dancing with such fantastic
energy! Picasso’s lines are strong, sturdy and
wholesome but they are too sombre–like the weeping
woman he is depicting,those lines lack gaiety.

Composition scores:

Picasso’s m————– Knox Martin’s 2m

Teacher’s comment: The Picasso is figuro-centric,
which means he places a ton of attention on the
subject while the Knox Martin has no such center. The
entire field of engagement has become his subject.

Line removal scores:

Picasso’s m————— Knox Martin’s 2m

Teacher’s comment: Do this simple experiment: try to
mentally remove one or two lines from each of the
masterpieces in turn. You will find out that with the
Knox Martin, every single line is so crucial that if
you remove one, the whole composition could collapse.
Not true with the Picasso! What does that
tell you? The Picasso has lines that are not crucial.
One can remove those and the composition would still
remain intact.

Invention sense scores:

Picasso’s m—————- Knox Martin’s 2 m

Teacher’s comment: Picasso, like Cezanne or Matisse or
thousands of masters before him, finds a motif in
nature and simply create metaphors to represent that
motif. Knox Martin creates his own motif. He has created a
world so different from ALL others!!!!!!! What Knox
Martin has created is a whole new ball game, like they
say… .

Am I saying Picasso is inferior to Knox Martin? No, I
have not even implied it! Picasso is my
hero,never, NEVER doubt that!

I have been fascinated by Picasso since a boy.

However, when I was making that comparison a moment
ago, you were following every step with eyes wide open, were you
not? I have merely pointed out the facts, have I not? And my method
is comprehensible even to a child. Is it not?
I am saying simply this:

A greater master than the great Picasso is here.
His name is Knox Martin and he
has come along and changed all
equations in Painting and bent all rules! He is our
proudest son and contemporary!

Beauty is universal, timeless, and nameless,– as it is only found in the realm of the sacred! For that reason, I have introduced two pieces of very beautiful Tang Dynasty Chinese calligraphy (Figures 3 & 4) for your pleasure, by way of serving as a kind of reference to our current comparison. Most of us cannot read Chinese, but that calligraphic beauty speaks to anyone! In the same way, I cannot read musical notes,– yet the beauty of Mozart touches my heart tenderly!

Always trust your intuitions, friends!–The art guru, himself blind as a bat, has posed as the wise one on mountaintop and you have allowed him to lead you on. Not only that, he has always lied to you–this abominable charlatan!– who, for a pittance, a bit of tenure at an art school, or for the fancy title of Emeritus Professor,–now even officially proclaimed as “King of Fools” by the McKnight Foundation*, readily prostitutes his own soul! Yet you have placed yourself in his hand simply because he came down on you with big title-and you were impressed! He has made you believe that you are incapable of aesthetic judgment so his authority cannot be challenged. He has tried to overpower you in your herd instinct through superstition and mind control! He lied in Cezanne’s time and he is still lying to you in your time! Your intuition is the only thing you have on aesthetic judgment but he wants you to disbelieve yourself! “Conceptual art? Is there such a thing?”– You asked. But they ignored you and went on with their boring displays at Walker, Whitney, or Guggenheim,–in fact, all over the land! You suffered all this degradation because you have been too busy to deal with the metaphysical, even though it has to do with the well being of the soul.” Leave the judgment of taste to the experts,” you said, and resumed, addict like, in your old habits’ absorption.

*Read ” THE MCKNIGHT FOUNDATION” –2007-06-29 posting

Once I proclaimed: The revolution is here,–Wake up! But immediately voices of deep annoyance accuse me of speaking from dreams of high delirium. In truth, they are the ones moving about in delirious dreams!

But you who have understood today’s lesson, who are capable of seeing
art with clarity, will have my congratulations and blessings–
for indeed you have gone far!

Do you know it is quite useless to discuss global warming, or the Iraq War, the ethnic cleansing here and there, Islamic Terrorism, sectarian killings or any other problematic basket-loads plaguing us today unless we are at peace with ourselves,– no more confusion or delusion, capable of seeing Beauty firsthand– NOT as an ideal, but to see it free from all conditionings, get interested and to love it–to love it and life without reservation, and to feel–to really feel,– and intoxicated by poetry again?”

When you have the keys you can open all doors. The keys are your own intuitions. Be harked to it, man and woman! BE NOT LAZY!
So, you may now put on your happy best shirt or dress and go see the
Picasso paintings at the Walker. Remember: from now on nobody can dictate your taste or tell you what is worthy of a display at the Walker. You are on your own–for better or worse… .

Ben Taishing Lau

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